Blogging to the bank

Monday, August 27, 2007

The "PING Equals Cash

The “Ping” is a resourceful tool that many bloggers forget to use. To blog easy

Pinging” yourblog will take no more than 3 minutes and it can greatly help in terms of traffic and search engine ranking.

With the rise of blogs over the past few years, Blog Search Engines and directories have become very popular.

(Technorati is one of the most famous and commonly used blog search engines and directories.)

It allows users to search the blogosphere for new posts regarding certain topics.

But how do these search engines organize the millions of blog posts being made every minute? They use pinging technology that updates them when a new post has been made.

They can then categorize the post into their search results.

Hence, by pinging your blog , your post and a link to your web site will appear in the results of major blog search engines and could lead to increased traffic. Utilizing Pings is also very easy and with one click of the mouse, you can instantly update all of the major blog search engines.

Now, if you have a weblog at a subdomain, your blog posts will be instantly pinged, however, if you do not, there is no point in going to each of the individual blog search engines, creating an account, and then sending a ping.

Instead, you can utilize web sites such as Autopingerch will instantly ping all of the major blog search engines. All you have to so is enter your URL, and some information about your web site.
Pinging is a great tool that can greatly aid you in exploding the rate of growth and the traffic to your blog. It only takes a minute with services such as Ping Goat an Should definitely be utilized.
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Blogging to the bank