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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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5. Obtain Constant Visualization of SuccessBy consistently visualizing that you are living your dreams, it is easier to encourage yourself to achieve much more with your goal. A blog provides that kind of opportunity for this consistent reflection. If you write your blog on a weekly or even daily basis, you are constantly reminding yourself of the potential success that you can achieve should you religiously work on the goals tasks in the action plan. Get a Constant Stream of MotivationMost people derive a lot of satisfaction and momentum once they have realized that they have made a lot of progress in their goal endeavours. It will be exhilarating to know how close you are to achieving your goals. Is not it? If you have a blog, you can easily check your status just by reviewing your past records. While checking, you may also come across a few words of encouragement left by your friends or the public on your blog. It is just like running a marathon race, with people constantly cheering you on the sides. Eventually you will be able to run pass the finishing line!Start a blog today and write towards your goal success. You will be amazed at its results! See you at the finishing line.blogfun have fun bloggingCredit Free Credit report

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A question that is often asked, is �How can I make Money with a Blog?�. AdSense and other CPC programs is the answer you will most likely get. However, for new blogs that have just been created and have little traffic and a small reader base, AdSense is often not a very lucrative venture In these situations, the best way to make the most money out of your blog, is through directly advertising web sites and businesses.blogeasy to blog easyCredit Free Credit report

Build Links Blogging and Ping

Let us start by what the meaning of blog is as well asping

Let’s start with a definition of a blog.

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author of the Web site.

Ok, so what about pinging? Originally, a ping was a program that bounced a request off another computer or server over a network or the Internet to see if the remote computer was responding. That same program is now used as a method of informing others that your blog exists and it also let’s them know when a new post has been made.

When you put blogging together with pinging you get a technique that is extremely effective at getting any web site, no matter how big or small, indexed by the major search engines.

Why Is blogging and Pinging The Newest Marketing Tool?

Most of you are now saying, "Yeah, so what? I can get my site indexed now. What’s the big deal?" The big deal is that blogging and pinging gets your site indexed almost immediately and it is free!

If you have any experience trying to get a site indexed and listed in the major search engines, then you know that it is frustrating and very difficult to get done in a reasonable amount of time. After working hard to get your site together, collecting and writing content, worrying about keywords and keyword densities, you are not even close to being finished. Now comes the even harder part! Now you have to manually submit your site to all the major search engines. And finally, you get to wait.

That’s right, you have to wait for the spiders to come to index your site. This could take weeks or it could take months. There are some methods that will help bring along the spiders a bit faster, but these take lots of time and effort and money. And still, you can’t be sure that the spiders will come fast more quickly.

Blogging and pinging solves this problem. You can guarantee that spiders will come to your site and that you will get listed in all the major search engines with minimal effort and no money in about 48 hours.

How does it work? The largest search engine, Google, owns This is the site that many people use to create their blogs. Google frequently sends their search engine spiders through to find new content.

So, if you have a account you can add content from other websites to the content of your blog and when you blog the content of your site the URL of the page you are blogging is automatically attached. That way, when Google’s spiders index your pages, they see your website URL within the content. If that URL isn’t listed in the Google database, the spiders are almost certain to follow the link to index your site!

So, rather than wait for weeks, months, or even up to a year, you can get your site listed virtually immediately! Google themselves will tell you that they would rather discover new URL’s by finding links than getting them via submission. So, why not blog and ping and give them what they want!

One critical success factor in boosting your link popularity is to use the blog and ping technique to notify lots of other sites anout new content on your web site. This is achieved by using your publishing function to ping the major blog directories such as Technorati and

Another good piece of news is that once Google has indexed your site, other search engines that use Google’s feed will list your site too. And it all happens at lightening speed!

blogging and pinging is a really effective method to get your site spidered by the major search engines and, more importantly, getting those all important links.


Blogging to the bank